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New Firm Offering Club Delivery Service for Florida Golf Vacations


<center>GolfClubsAway.com might make sense for your next Florida golf vacation.</center>

GolfClubsAway.com might make sense for your next Florida golf vacation.

You’re probably already aware that FedEx, UPS, DHL, and a variety of luggage-only shipping services make it easier to get your golf clubs to your golf vacation destination rather than lugging them yourself.

But when it comes to short trips, or business trips, is it really worth paying upwards of $100 to ship them when you might only play a round or two?

A new firm, citing the high cost and low quality of golf course rental clubs, thinks its golf club delivery service provides a good solution for those on brief Florida golf vacations or business trips. 

Called GolfClubsAway.com, the company will deliver a full set of late-model Nike or Callaway clubs (including a putter) to your hotel or the golf course by 7 am and pick them up from the same location around 8 pm. The per-day cost, which includes the use of the clubs and a sleeve of Nike balls, is $35 for Nike and $45 for Callaway.

Is this a savings? Yes.

Most public Florida golf courses in the area, even the upscale, daily-fee variety, charge between $45-$65 for comparable clubs (I called around and checked). And if you’re staying at a luxury resort on your Florida golf vacation, you’ll likely pay even more.

For now, the company offers its service only in southeast Florida’s tri-county area (think Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach) but it has plans to expand into Orlando in early 2008.

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