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The Best Downtown Place to Stay on a Tucson, Arizona Golf Vacation


<center>The Arizona Inn is a colorful and classic place to stay on a Tucson, Arizona golf vacation.</center>

The Arizona Inn is a colorful and classic place to stay on a Tucson, Arizona golf vacation.

There is no shortage of worthy golf resorts to choose from on a Tucson Golf Vacation, but for those who prefer to stay near the heart of the city and don’t need a golf course on site, the venerable Arizona Inn is Tucson’s shining star.

Tucked among neighborhood residences just one mile from the University of Arizona, this 1930s inn, on the National Register of Historic Places, oozes with charm.

One and two-story coral-pink adobe cottages housing four to six rooms each are scattered throughout the gardens and grounds of this 14-acre property. 

Each of the 86 rooms has its own unique decor highlighted by mahogany furniture and antiques, but also offers modern amenities such as televisions with DVD players, mini-refrigerators, and high-speed Internet connections.

Because the lobby is very small, the central gathering spot for guests is the library, where tea is served every afternoon. The dining room, one of Tucson’s best, is warm and intimate. Best of all, the Arizona Inn is only about 30 minutes from some of the best golf courses you can play on a Tucson, Arizona golf vacation, including those at La Paloma and Ventana Canyon. Room rates range from $149-$399.

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  1. irving

    August 25, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    I like my value bases golf vacations. And in Las Vegas, that’s tough to find-even in the summer. They like top dollar always. I think they feel you are locked in and will pay anything. So, bye bye to two great courses-apparently, they still haven’t learned a lesson….See you in phoenix or tucson..

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