Breaking News: Golf Vacation Insider To Merge With Golf Advisor


Some “breaking news” from all of us here at Golf Vacation Insider:

Over the next couple months, Golf Vacation Insider will be merging with Golf Advisor.

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You may already be familiar with this great site, but if you’re not, here’s a brief primer:

– Golf Advisor is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive sources of golf travel news, features and insights.

– Golf Advisor is also the leading source of golfer-generated reviews of golf courses. They’ve collected more than 650,000 reviews of more than 13,000 golf courses from avid golfers like you and me.

– It’s part of the Golf Channel family, and as a result, Golf Advisor has access to a stunning amount of resources and individuals who help inform their team’s work.

That’s the super-quick version. There’s a lot going on at Golf Advisor and I’m really excited to be part of a team that includes Matt Ginella, Brandon Tucker, Jason Deegan and Mike Bailey (so you’ll be seeing their bylines in addition to mine and Craig Better’s going forward).

What This Means For You

In short, we’ll be taking the golf travel news and advice you’ve come to expect from us to a whole new level.

As I mentioned, Golf Advisor is part of Golf Channel, which means we now have access to incredible resources and expertise that we will put straight to work for you.

Now, this new chapter will bring about a couple changes, but again, I truly believe you’ll find them to be good ones.

What Future Emails Will Look Like…

The most immediate thing you’ll notice is that in the next few weeks, our emails will start to look a little different.

First of all, in the “From” line in your inbox, you’ll see “Golf Advisor” instead of “Golf Vacation Insider,” so you’ll start seeing senders like “Golf Advisor – Weekly Tips,” “Golf Advisor – Special Offers,” “Golf Advisor – Travel Deals,” and “Golf Advisor – Events.”

As for what happens after you open our emails, that layout is still being finalized, but overall, the frequency and presentation style of our emails will continue to be what you’re used to.

You will notice that the logo atop the emails you receive will eventually give way to the Golf Advisor logo.

Where Future Emails Will Take You…

Frankly, the “biggest” change will be what happens when you click a link from one of our Weekly Tips emails.

I put “biggest” in quotes because all that will happen is that you’ll be sent to GolfAdvisor.com, rather than GolfVacationInsider.com.

For example, here’s what one of my recent articles on the site looks like:

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(We’ve been including a couple Golf Advisor articles in the #2, #3 and #4 spots in the last few weeks’ newsletters, so you may have had the chance to check those out already.)

As part of this new chapter, we’ll be consolidating our site into Golf Advisor’s.

But again, no worries there – before anything happens to the GVI site, all the great Golf Vacation Insider articles you love will be brought over to GolfAdvisor.com and will be easy to find when you want to refer back to them.

Just A Little More On Golf Advisor…

You’ll find the Golf Advisor site fun and easy to navigate. Commenting will be a breeze, too, thanks to a brand-new, custom-made commenting system.

Plus, with easy access to GolfAdvisor’s massive database of golf courses, you’ll be able to post your own reviews of the golf courses you play, both at home and on the road.

(In addition to longer articles, I’ll also be using the review tool to throw in my quick thoughts on each new course I play.)

What’s more, we’ve been working with the folks at Golf Advisor to make some significant website and content enhancements specifically with you in mind.

And to make this transition even easier, we’ll also be providing periodic tips in the coming weeks that will help you get the most out of GolfAdvisor.com, so stay tuned!

Golf Vacation Insider readers are the most discerning, savviest traveling golfers in the world, and your candor and willingness to share your own thoughts and reactions to what we write is an essential part of what has made this publication so highly-respected.

I hope you’ll continue to join in the discussion as we move into our new Golf Advisor digs.

(If you’d like to check out the site right now, click here and have a look around.)

Any questions or comments? Please feel free to click here and email us.

Congratulations, criticisms, suggestions – we want to hear from you so that we can make this an easy transition and keep producing the most helpful and insightful golf travel content in the world for the most knowledgeable traveling golfers in the world.


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