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What May Be the Fastest, Easiest Way to Play Better Golf (Product Spotlight)


todays photoI normally don’t cover game improvement, but I just read some pretty shocking stats about the Stack & Tilt golf swing.

As you may know, Stack & Tilt created a ton of controversy when tour players started using it — and started winning — and it is still one of the most talked about and debated topics in golf.


Stack & Tilt shows that many so-called “undisputed” facts about the golf swing are flat-out wrong.

It would be easy to dismiss Stack & Tilt as a gimmick, except for one thing:

It works.

Here are those stats I was talking about:

– Tour players who started using Stack & Tilt won 14 times.

– Seven of these wins came from players who had never won before.

– Five of these first-timers won within three months of using Stack & Tilt.

Of course, at our level, just improving feels like winning, so I find the following stats equally interesting:

– 14 players posted a career best in driving statistics.

– 10 players posted a career best in greens in regulation.

– 10 players posted a career high in ball striking (total driving and greens in regulation)

– In 2010, Stack & Tilt had the most players in the top-15 in ball striking of any instructional brand.

Keep in mind, these are the players that are “officially” using Stack & Tilt.

There are dozens more that are indirectly using it in part or in whole.

For example, Tiger Woods, who has made a remarkable comeback.

Tiger isn’t an “official” user, of course, but the media, including Golf Digest, have noted that:

“[Tiger’s coach] Sean Foley teaches a swing that is remarkably similar to Stack & Tilt.”

The result?

todays photoBy March 2012, he had shot up to 14th in PGA Tour driving accuracy. In 15 previous seasons, he never made it into the top 50.

Equally impressive is what the data-driven Stack & Tilt co-founders Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer discovered after analyzing the world rankings of their students.

Bennett sums it up in one very compelling statement:

“Every player has improved their world ranking during the time they worked with us.”

A Golf Swing for the Rest of Us

As telling as tour results are, we both know they’re less relevant to players like you and me.

But ask Mike and Andy, and they’ll tell you that Stack & Tilt is actually designed to help the largest group of golfers out there — regular golfers like us — because it takes works in harmony with the body’s natural movements, not against them.

In fact, a “regular” guy I know went from a 12.9 handicap index to an 8.5 in one month using Stack & Tilt.

And here are more results from those who have tried it:

“17 days after lessons with you, I shot 39, my record for 9 holes. Three weeks ago I was ready to quit the game. Unbelievable.”
-Darryl K.

“I was a 13 handicap 2 months ago. Since I applied Stack and Tilt, my handicap has dropped to an 8. It has helped my golf game better thananything I have ever tried.”
-Jon S.

“I’ve had more ‘Now I get it’ moments in the last 2 days…”
-Antony O.

“My ball striking improved within just minutes of taking these principles to the range.”
-Rod L.

And that’s the real beauty of the Stack & Tilt system.

It’s likely the fastest, easiest way *for most people* to begin playing significantly better golf.

As Mike Bennett puts it, it’s just a, “mechanically simpler way to hit a golf ball.”

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An Easy and Inexpensive Way to Learn Stack & Tilt

The basics of Stack & Tilt are: 1) keeping your weight “stacked” on your front foot throughout the swing and 2) tilting your spine toward the target.

There’s obviously a lot more to it, but it would be silly for me to delve into it here.

The best way to learn the Stack & Tilt swing is to have its founders, Mike and Andy, teach it to you.

They’ll gladly do that (they travel all over the country) but as you can imagine, their time is expensive. Their daily rate is $2,500.

Same goes for the authorized Stack & Tilt instructors located around the country. They charge between $125-$150 per hour.

Another option — and the one I’d recommend as a starting point — is to get a copy of their newly released series called: Stack & Tilt 2.0: Understanding the Numbers (available on dvd and as a download).

todays photoThis series explains the swing system simply if it’s your first exposure to Stack & Tilt, yet it also contains enough detail (and scientific proof) for experts to use as a reference guide.

Included is more than six hours of Mike and Andy explaining their swing system in their own words, further illustrated using all the state-of-the-art equipment used by today’s tour
players (TrackMan, ProTracer, etc.).

Speaking of one’s own words, here are comments from some of the first golfers to get their hands on this new DVD series:

“The best content of any golf DVD ever produced. Exceeded anything I could have imagined.”
-Bob G., Los Angeles, Calif.

“I’m amazed at how easy the S&T swing is when you see Mike and Andy performing and explaining it. Now there’s no excuse for not playing better golf.”
-Joseph H., Barcelona

“Indisputable evidence on what is truly going on in the swing.”
-Joe C. San Antonio, Texas

“The best ever DVD I have seen in the instructional world with the clearest information, leaving no questions unanswered. Very well detailed and explained.”
-Henrik L., Sweden

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Again, this series is more than six hours long and may be as good as Mike and Andy’s in-person instruction.

Plus, you can progress at your leisure and review the lessons over and over again…without the meter running.

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Regularly $149.99 for the Stack & Tilt 2.0 series alone, the first 100 GVI readers to use coupon code: gvi-free-book can get it and a copy of the groundbreaking, Stack & Tilt book for only $119.99, a total savings and value of $50.
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