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Private Club Members Get Busted for, Um, Exposing their Members…and Other “Inappropriate” Behavior


piedmont driving club letter

Management at Atlanta’s Piedmont Driving Club received this hysterical letter.

Remember that “stink shield” rant by an airline passenger upset about being seated next to the bathroom?

Well, the world’s next great complaint letter has just been written and it’s beginning to make its way around the Web.

In it, a member of Atlanta’s prestigious Piedmont Driving Club ( describes to the president and general manager what he heard went on at the club’s recent member/member golf tournament.

Here are the “highlights” from the letter dated May 20, 2012:

“One member decided to play the 14th hole completely naked. I have not researched it, but I suspect this is a crime in Georgia.”

“Several members urinated on one of the greens, in the presence of the caddie, a female, and one or more of the members deliberately exposed themselves to her while urinating. I suspect this is also a crime in Georgia.”

“One member decided to show off to other members, and a caddie, his ability to pick up a golf ball with his naked butt cheeks. I suspect that this behavior – if it occurred at Bobby Jones Golf Course – would have resulted in a call to the police and the arrest of the offender.”

“On Friday night, one of the drunken golfers passed out in the men’s grill, and another member opened his pants, pulled out his penis, and slapped the passed out member’s head with his penis.”

“After the golf day was finished, several members were extremely drunk and disorderly. (I suppose this is no surprise – I am told that, on Friday alone, more vodka and beer was consumed than had ever been consumed in the two days of any prior member/member tournament).”

“The noise made by several of the drunken and disorderly members was so obnoxious that a rehearsal dinner in the main dining area of the golf club was, of course, disturbed. When someone from the rehearsal dinner came into the men’s grill to ask the drunken members to quiet down, the response from one of the drunken golfers was “Go Fuck Yourself.”

“Relations between the drunken golfers and rehearsal dinner and did not improve – apparently several of the drunken golfers decided to ‘moon’ the persons attending the rehearsal dinner.”

Mmm…sounds more like the pool scene in Caddyshack than Piedmont’s homepage description, which says..

“Since 1887, the Piedmont Driving Club has enjoyed a reputation as one of the most prestigious private clubs in the South…”

Make that, “had” enjoyed.

Do you know “a friend” who has any wild member/member or member/guest stories? Please share them (as tastefully as possible) below.

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  1. Danzinger

    June 5, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    I have been to member/guest tournaments where players have consumed a case of beer (by themselves). One guy passed out during the friday night dinner and must slept (outside) behind the clubhouse. Woke up the next day, bought a shirt in the pro shop, and hit the tee. And that’s one of the milder stories I could tell.

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