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Southeastern Alternatives to Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations


Q: I’ve been taking Myrtle Beach golf vacations with my buddies for a long time. Is there another location in the Southeast we should consider that is equally easy to reach, offers multiple golf courses, dependable weather, and is not overly expensive? Elliot D., Westchester County, NY

<center>Hilton Head is one of several southeastern alternatives to Myrtle Beach golf vacations.</center>

Hilton Head is one of several southeastern alternatives to Myrtle Beach golf vacations.

A: The first alternative to a Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation that you might consider is a Hilton Head Golf Vacation. Hilton Head, just a little farther down the South Carolina coast, has a similarly high density of golf courses as Myrtle Beach (it doesn’t call itself “The Golf Island” for nothing), but the overall look and feel is more upscale. Not snooty, just a bit nicer and definitely still “fun” enough for a buddies trip. Prices are slightly higher than what you’ll find on Myrtle Beach golf vacations, but they’re not insane. 

Another alternative to a Myrtle Beach golf vacation is a Jacksonville, Florida golf vacation. Jacksonville’s larger airport (compared to Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head) makes flying in that much easier. The courses aren’t necessarily clustered as closely together as in Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head, but there are some high quality tracks at reasonable rates to be found. Northern Florida doesn’t gouge you quite like south Florida does in high season. Plus, you can incorporate a visit to the nearby World Golf Hall of Fame, which itself has two decent golf courses and on-site lodging.

A third option in the Southeast is Alabama and its famous Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. It offers a phenomenal value, mild winter weather, and if you don’t mind traveling from site to site in road-trip fashion (which can actually be fun with the right group of friends), the only downside is that there’s not much else to do besides playing golf, eating, and maybe doing some fishing. But, if you have a low-key group that doesn’t need a lot of extra-curricular activities, it could be a great option.

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  1. Larry G.

    July 22, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    Good suggestions along the coast, but I would add the Charleston, SC, area which comprises Kiawah as well as some interesting and varied courses in the Mt. Pleasant area, just north of the city. Elliot indicated southeastern U.S., which would include some inland tracks as well. Besides the obvious choice of Pinehurst with The Pit and Tobacco Road in the area, you could make a nice itinerary of golf in the Asheville area (from May to October) and Winston-Salem, including the two courses at Tanglewood Park. A little tougher to fly to than some other choices, but service to Charlotte (two-hour drive) is non-stop from most northeastern cities so you save time by ducking the change of planes. Larry Gavrich, http://www.golfcommunityreviews.com

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