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The Majors Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before (product spotlight)


What the gorgeous Green Glory book looks like

This is one of those real “finds” I love tipping you off about.

The timing is perfect given what’s happening this week.

See, an awesome golf book about golf’s major championships was recently published…but very few people know about it.

It’s called Green Glory: A Visual Tribute to the Courses of the Majors, and it’s going to be considered one of the best golf photo books of all time.When Jack Nicklaus heard about it, he joined in and wrote the introduction.

Same with architect Rees Jones, who wrote the acknowledgement.I’m going to tell you more on why this book is an instant collector’s item…

Where you can get one of the few remaining, first-edition, first-printing copies left in the world…

How you can get one for a price you won’t believe (no, it’s not available on Amazon)…

And how you can get it autographed and shipped to you for free.

More on this in a minute.

First, Here’s Why this Book is So Special…

Green Glory is one of those gorgeous coffee-table books you can’t resist opening.

When you do, you will see golf’s major championships like you’ve never seen them before.

One, because this book highlights what many experts think are the real stars of golf’s major tournaments: the courses that host them.

And two, because you’ll see these epic venues in all their jaw-dropping glory.

I’m talking about the huge images captured perfectly by the lens of world-famous photographer Patrick Drickey and by the brush of world-famous painter Linda Hartough.

Linda Hartough is the only artist ever commissioned by the USGA and R&A to make the annual, official paintings and prints for the U.S. Open and British Open Championships.

Her work hangs in the private collections of many prestigious clubs. (Yes, that’s a painting below.)

Enable images to see an example of Linda Hartough's incredibly detailed paintings
Likewise, Patrick Drickey is one of the few photographers licensed by the PGA Tour, the USGA, and top resorts like Pebble Beach and Pinehurst.His work has appeared in dozens of publications worldwide. Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer have some of his prints in their personal collections.
Turn on images to see Patrick Drickey's eye-popping, panoramic photos
Here’s Where I’m Going with All This…

Patrick’s glorious, panoramic prints sell for up to $1,000 each and this book contains 90 of them.

Linda’s original paintings sell for $67,000-$95,000 each and this book contains 35 of them.

Lesser golf photo books sell for hundreds of dollars, which is why I thought this one — a first printing complete with a few minor but endearing typos — would be priced at $500 or more.

That’s why I said you’re not going to believe this:

I’ve arranged for you to get a limited, first-edition copy of Green Glory — autographed by photographer Patrick Drickey and shipped to you for free in the USA — for just $75.

(Shhh, nobody needs to know it didn’t cost more…)

Get Your Autographed Copy of Green Glory Here
Green Glory Cover
While they last, you can get a limited, first-edition, autographed copy of Green Glory for only $75 with free shipping in the United States.
Very Limited Quantity Available (Max 3 per order, please).
Get yours now.

As I mentioned, only a few people know this book was published, but here’s what they’re saying about it…“The best golf book I’ve reviewed…”
– Jason Scott Deegan, Golf Channel / TravelGolf“A true masterpiece…”
– Steve Mona, World Golf Foundation CEO”A Must for Any Golf Library”
– T.J. Auclair,“A splendid book”
– Harold Andersen, Omaha World-Herald

“Part history book, part picture book, part art gallery”
– Jason Scott Deegan, Golf Channel / TravelGolf

Speaking of history, that’s the other thing I love about this book.

Accompanying the images of each course — those that have hosted a major championship since 1950 — there is short, neatly written text with noteworthy facts about the venue and its hosting of the major(s), including the winner and their prize money.

It’s a blast to see, for example, that Nick Faldo took home £85,000 for winning this week’s championship in 1990…and Louis Oosthuizen took home £850,000 for winning it in 2010.

Turn on images to see another incredible image of Augusta National
Sure, there’s a lot more to golf than the majors, but let’s face it:It’s the majors that matter.

Right or wrong, they are the yardstick by which we measure greatness in golf and, more importantly, they are the tournaments we remember from year to year.

Enable images to see Patrick Drickey's timeless take on the Old Course at St. Andrews
Get this book for yourself or someone else, and it will be cherished year after year, too.My only advice would be to do it today. In fact, right now.

Word is getting out, and I promise you, at only $75 (with free shipping in the United States) for first-edition, autographed copies, they are not going to last.

So, get one for yourself, or get one for someone else as a gift, but just get one.

Do it now before your only option is to buy it on eBay for five-times more than you can get it for today.

(Speaking of that…as I mentioned above, you may find a few “first printing” quirks in your copy — a couple page numbers and captions that are off, but nothing that detracts from this awesome photo book. Personally, I think they enhance the value, kind of like a rare, mis-stamped coin.)

Ordering is fast, and there’s no promo code needed…

It’s already baked into this special link (and the others on this page).

Have a great weekend…and enjoy the Open!

Get Your Autographed Copy of Green Glory Here
Green Glory Cover
While they last, you can get a limited, first-edition, autographed copy of Green Glory for only $75 with free shipping in the United States.
Very Limited Quantity Available (Max. 3 per order, please).
Get yours now.