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A couple weeks ago I tipped you off about a golf book destined to be a classic.

And many of you emailed me asking where you could get your hands on golf’s all-time classics…

You know…the ones everyone agrees are the greatest golf books of all time.

You’ve obviously discovered, like me, that nearly all of these epic books are out of print.

But I know how you can get your hands on them.

Even better, I know where you can get 7 of the essentials — the best of the best — in an exclusive package for an incredible price.Turn on images to see what these classic golf books look like

More on that in a minute.

But first, a question for you…

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Which Caribbean golf destination will win our first-ever

Which Caribbean locale will win our first round of Destination Match Play?

We get a lot of comments and emails from you asking where to go for your next golf vacation.

Often, you’ve narrowed the choices down to “A” or “B.”

We see all kinds of combinations of popular golf destinations from these inquiries, but certain pairs get a lot more attention than others.

So, we started a new series of “Side-by-Side Decision Guides” with our take on some of the most common golf trip toss-ups.

Here is our first matchup: Cancun vs. Puerto Rico.

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bandon-camLet me start today’s tip with an apology:

You’re probably not going to get any work done for the next 30 minutes or so.

That’s because I’ve gathered together some of golf’s best live webcams and, if you’re like me at all, you’ll find using them to peek in on golfers playing top courses around the world to be utterly addictive.

Want to see who’s on the first tee at Pebble Beach right now?

Or who’s crossing the Swilcan Bridge on the 18th hole at the Old Course in St. Andrews?

Or if that guy with the terrible swing is going to hit it more than 50 yards off the tee at Bandon Dunes?

The links below will let you do it…in real time.

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nice shotHave you ever played in an golf outing that gave out terrible prizes or goodie bags?

See if you can top this:

In my previous job at an advertising agency, I played in a golf outing hosted by one of our clients, a food company.

On one of the par threes, I hit a perfect 6-iron to about four feet and proceeded to win the closest-to-the-pin prize.

My colleagues could barely contain their laughter when they told me what I’d won:

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Punta Cana's spectacular courses could become the No. 1 draw for Dominican Republic golf vacations.

Can you identify this gorgeous winter golf vacation haven?

Do you wait until it gets really cold to start planning a warm-weather getaway?

I’m guilty of this, and it invariably becomes a mad scramble to coordinate everyone’s work schedules and to make travel arrangements. Ugh.

This year, I’m planning ahead, and I thought you might like to see one place that’s on my radar screen…and the reasons why it might be right for your upcoming travels.

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A layover is a great way to break up a long trip. You can spend a day or two between destinations exploring an unfamiliar city, maybe play a round of golf or two on the way to your main destination, and hop back on your next flight.

The world’s major airlines seem to have picked up on the greatness of the layover lately.

How do I know? Let’s just say I can give you 900 reasons…

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Castiglion Del Bosco's lovely Tom Weiskopf golf course is at the center of one of Europe's most underrated resorts, in the heart of Italian wine country. (Golf Odyssey)

Castiglion Del Bosco’s lovely Tom Weiskopf golf course is at the center of one of Europe’s most underrated resorts, in the heart of Italian wine country. (Golf Odyssey)

We received a number of responses to last week’s piece on lesser-known American destinations from folks who were dying to know where they could get their wine-and-golf fix outside the United states.

So, we pulled together a group of international destinations where the grapes are as pleasing as the greens.

Wine is made all over the world, as you probably know, so a truly exhaustive list would probably be so long, it’d put you to sleep faster than any tannins we know of.

So here are our choicest five selections from the “wine world” of golf:

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There are some things that just go together.

Peanut Butter and Jelly. Abbott and Costello. Lemonade and iced tea.

Golf and wine? Absolutely.

A number of golf courses in California's Wine Country, such as Eagle Vines Golf Club, play over and around active rows of grapes. (Golf Odyssey

A number of golf courses in California’s Wine Country, such as Eagle Vines Golf Club, play over and around active rows of grapes. (Golf Odyssey

Golf’s oldest trophy is called the “Claret Jug,” after all…

Am I suggesting that you stuff a decanter in your golf bag the next time you tee it up?

Not exactly (although that would look hilarious—please send us a picture if you try this), but if you like and/or want to learn more about wine, should you plan a golf trip that features some wine tastings?

Again, absolutely.

The only question is: where?

Here are our favorites in the U.S.:

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