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How to Ship Your Golf Clubs Roundtrip for Free (special offer)


Want to ship your golf clubs for free — both ways — on your next trip?

You should, because shipping is a delightful alternative to dragging your clubs to and through the airport (not to mention reducing the risk of being lost, stolen, or damaged).

And when you can do this without spending a penny, well, it’s an absolute no brainer.

Here’s the deal:Ship Sticks, the company I use, recently issued a small number of gift cards good for free, roundtrip ground shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States.
Turn on images to see what this Ship Sticks gift card looks like
This is a value of up to $118 depending where you’re shipping to/from.How can you get your hands on one of these cards?Well, you can’t buy them.But you can get one for free when you buy a ClubGlider, the world’s best golf travel bag.

Trust me, the ClubGlider is not just, “a little bit better” than what you’re currently using — this thing will totally change your life.

And today you can get one for about $40 less than the lowest price anywhere AND get the Ship Sticks gift card (up to $118 value) for free.

Before I Share the Details, I Must Warn You:

This is probably going to sell out in a few hours.

So, if you’re interested in what I’m about to say, I highly recommend you jump on it right now.

Ok, with that out of the way, here’s what I have for you today…

Basically, it’s two of my favorite, “go to” travel products. Two of the things I always tell people, “I can’t live without.”

But…bundled together for one awesome price.

Again, one is the ClubGlider, the world’s best golf travel bag….

And the other is Ship Sticks, the world’s best golf club shipping service.

And today, you can get both for less — much less — than what others pay for the bag alone.

First, here’s more about each:

Check Out the Buzz on the ClubGlider…

“The Top Cool, Under-the-Radar Product”
— Golf Magazine

“The most innovative golf travel product that I have ever seen.”
— AmateurGolf

“Why wasn’t this golf travel bag invented about 20 years ago?”
— HookedOnGolfblog

“Takes much of the strain from loading, lifting and pulling.”
— Golf Digest

“Eliminates the bending, twisting, lifting, and aching.”
— Links Magazine

Turn on images to see the Clubglider in Golf Magazine
“Your shoulders and back will thank you.”
— TheHackersParadise“Walking around is effortless.”
— Worldgolf“Head and shoulders above its competitors.”
— GearEffectGolf“The ClubGlider can change your golf travel life.”
— AmateurGolf

And here’s why everyone is raving about this thing.

Why It’s the Best Thing to Happen to Golf Travel Bags Since Wheels…

The ClubGlider is the smartest — and biggest — advancement in golf travel bags in a long, long time.

As I mentioned above, it’s not, “a little better” than what you’re currently using — it’s a game (and life) changer.

And when you find out what a simple idea it is, you’re going to kick yourself for not thinking of it first.

I certainly did.

Turn on images to see the simple genius of the ClubGlider
First, do you recall when wheels became “standard equipment” on golf travel bags?It was embarrassingly recent.Well, the ClubGlider will also make you wonder why something else that makes so much sense took so long to be invented.Here’s what I mean:

Your regular, carry bag has flip-out legs, or a stand, right?

Of course it does. It makes life easier by propping the bag up…even if it’s for the few seconds before putting it on a golf cart or back into the trunk of your car.

So, when taking a golf trip, why do we load this bag (or a cart bag) into a golf travel case that doesn’t have legs or a stand?

Well, until recently, golf travel bags didn’t have them.

But they do now.

Or, at least, one does.

Yep, the ClubGlider, the best thing to happen to golf travel bags since wheels.

Are You Still Doing the “Bend, Lift, and Drag?”

As you can see, the ClubGlider has rear wheels plus an additional pair of wheeled legs that prop the bag up.

Turn on images to see why the ClubGlider is the best golf travel bag
Here’s why this is a good thing:Number One, you no longer have to get down on all fours to pack. Because the ClubGlider stands upright, you can, too.Number Two, the legs keep the bag’s front handle up around your waist, eliminating the need to repeatedly bend, lift, and drag your clubs over curbs, on and off escalators/elevators, and, of course, while inching forward to check in for a flight.Sure, you still have to pull it, but with its four wheels supporting nearly all of the weight, it just…glides.

And when it’s time to throw the bag onto the belt or into a car (or to ship them), the spring-loaded legs snap back so they’re flush with the bottom of the bag and out of the way.


Invented by an Amateur…But Built by a Pro

The ClubGlider wasn’t invented by some huge, multinational company with a massive R&D budget.

It was invented by a regular person like you and me.

The idea came to Gary Sherrell (whose day job is in software) while dragging his bag around the airport during a Las Vegas golf vacation.

He said to himself, “there has to be a better way.”

And then he actually did something about it.

He built a prototype using the wheels from an old sofa and the legs from an old picnic table.

You may have seen Gary on Golf Channel’s reality show called, “Fore Inventors Only” (see below)

Turn on images to see the Clubglider's inventor on the Golf Channel
The ClubGlider was one of five finalists out of thousands of product submissions.Gary then made the smartest move of all:He choose an expert manufacturer to transform his prototype into a product, and to make major improvements along the way.Built to Last by Sun Mountain (the Bag Experts)

Sun Mountain (based in Montana) is one of the world’s largest golf bag manufacturers; one respected for its engineering expertise and quality workmanship.

In other words, this isn’t a cheap bag with a stand mechanism bolted on.

From top to bottom, the ClubGlider uses the same kinds of heavy-duty materials, components, padding, stitching, and club protection you’ll find in much higher-priced golf travel bags.

Whenever I travel with mine, I canít tell you how many people come up to me in the airport and ask me where I got the bag.

And Iím not the only fan. Golf Digest gave the ClubGlider its highest, “Gold” rating on its “Hot List” for golf travel bags.

Turn on images to see the ClubGlider's Hot List rating
I also read a few publications specifically for golf travelers and this is the bag they recommend, too.Likewise, THE Company to Use to Ship Your Clubs is Ship Sticks…These guys just “get it.”

The owners of the company are all serious golfers and their customers include some of the most prestigious (and demanding) golf courses and resorts in the world.

Turn on images to see what Ship Sticks looks like
Using their service is insanely simple.They pick your golf clubs up at your home or office and your clubs will be waiting for you at your destination when you arrive.At the end of your trip, same thing: they’ll pick up your clubs and deliver them back to you.No worries about the airlines losing (or even worse, damaging) your clubs. Even better: you pay no baggage fees :)

Now, some of you are probably thinking…

If the ClubGlider Makes Traveling with Golf Clubs so Easy, Why do I Need Ship Sticks?

That’s a great question.

And here’s the answer:

As much as you’ll love traveling with your ClubGlider, every trip is different.

There are many times when it simply makes more sense to ship your clubs.

And when you ship your clubs, you still need to put them into a travel container, right?

Well, the padded ClubGlider doubles as an ideal shipping container. Way better than a flimsy cardboard box.

That’s why these two things — ClubGlider and Ship Sticks — are a perfect combination.

With both, you’re ready for anything.

This Brings Us to Today’s Incredible Offer…

If you were to spend a few hours searching the web, the lowest price you’d find on the ClubGlider Meridian is $289.99.

(Don’t be fooled by low-ballers selling smaller models, older models…or those who tease a low price then slap you with high shipping fees.)

Likewise, shipping your clubs out and back with Ship Sticks would cost you up to $118.

Together, that’s $407.99.

But over at Revolution Golf, you can get a ClubGlider and a Ship Sticks gift card good for a free, Roundtrip, Ground Shipment anywhere in the contiguous United States….for just $249.99.

Are you starting to see why I said these are likely going to sell out?

And here’s why I think it could happen in the next few hours:

At last check, there were only 186 of these bundles left, which is probably one-tenth of the number we need for everyone who wants one.

So, you’ll need to make your move now before they’re gone.

Oh, and here’s the best part…

You’re Safe and Fully Protected by a 365-Day, 100% Money-Back Policy

My friends at Revolution Golf are so impressed by the ClubGlider — and they know you will be, too — they’re backing it with their famous, 365-day money-back promise.

Take up to a year to decide if you like the ClubGlider...or return it and get your money back
Simply put, If you’re not thrilled with your ClubGlider for any reason — or no reason — simply return it within a year and you’ll get a full refund.Yes, it’s as simple as that.So, again, I can’t stress this enough:There probably won’t be enough of these ClubGlider / Ship Sticks bundles for everyone who wants one, so if you’re interested, get yours right now.

Click Here to Get Your ClubGlider Meridian
Enable images to see the lowest price anywhere on a Clubglider
Just $249.99 with Free Shipping in the U.S.A
** and **
A Gift Card for a Free, Round-Trip Ground Shipment from Ship Sticks (a value of up to $118)
This is the best offer anywhere. 365-Day, Money-Back Promise.
Only 186 left.
Click Here to Get Yours Now

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