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Why Winter 2016/2017 May Be Better Than Average For A Golf Vacation


You may recall our tip from late last year on the effects a strong El Niño cycle might have on your golf vacation plans.

This winter, it looks like the tables are turning, with a mild but noticeable La Niña cycle taking over.

Whereas El Niño is an atypical warming of waters in the Pacific around the Equator, La Niña is a cooling of those same waters. This La Niña cycle will raise those waters’ temperatures by a half degree, which seems insignificant, but will be enough to affect your next golf trip, likely in a good way.

In the U.S., the Southeast and Southwest are particularly popular winter golf destinations, especially for travelers who keep a close eye on the weather in order to potentially avoid frigid conditions in places like the Carolinas, Texas and Arizona.



If you’re within a few hours’ drive of, say, Pinehurst or Myrtle Beach and want to take advantage of low midwinter rates, this may be a great year for exactly that sort of ad hoc golf vacation.

For more info on the coming La Niña trend and its general implications, click here.

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