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10 Awesome Tips You May Have Missed in 2015


Last week, we recapped our 10 most popular tips of 2015. This week, as we embark on 2016, I want to share another 10 great tips you might have missed.

We more than doubled in readership size (again) this year, and that newfound popularity inspired me to comb our 2015 tips for some great articles and advice that arguably should have made our top-10 list.

Check ’em out (and don’t forget to comment if you feel so inclined — we read them all!):

Most Eye-Catching Tip:
25 Incredible Images from the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show
(Some of these you simply must see to believe.)

The $6,000 Tip:
The “True Cost” to Play America’s 12 Most Expensive Golf Courses
(Golf can be expensive at “bucket list”-quality courses. Here’s the “true cost” to play the top dogs.)

Most Romantic Tip:
6 of the Best Golf Resorts For Couples
(Guys: Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. This tip is as timely as ever.)

Most American Tip:
The 6 Most “American” Golf Courses In America
(Depending on where your golf travels take you, this tip may be a literal life-saver.)

Tip Most Loved By Aspiring Architects:
5 Great Examples Of Amateur Golf Course Architecture
(These five golf lovers turned their sketches into real, fun courses. Wouldn’t you love to do the same?)

Most Honest Tip:
Why Do You Steal from Golf Courses?
(Perhaps the most personal tip we published last year)

Most Luxurious Tip:
The Lowdown On Airport Lounges
(Anytime I can spend some quality quiet time in one of these private sanctuaries pre-flight, I know my trip is going to be a special one. Here’s how you can experience one of air travel’s great pleasures.)

Best Tip For The List-Maker / Trophy Hunter:
53 Professional Golf Courses You Can Play
(If you like testing your game on tour-caliber courses, consider this your personal roadmap.)

Wettest and Windiest Tip:
Will El Niño Ruin Your Next Golf Vacation?
(Seriously…read this before you plan your next trip or you could be lighting your money on fire.)

Highest-Tech Tip:
Some Of The Best Apps for Golf Travelers
(Ever wonder about the ‘go-to’ apps pro travelers rely on? See them here.)

We had a lot of fun providing you with the best in golf travel advice in 2015 and look forward to keeping that train rolling through 2016!

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