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The Truth About Your Golf Shoes (That Nobody Talks About)


Have you smelled your golf shoes lately?

Not to be crass about it, but I’m betting you’re not keen on the idea.

But I have, and guess what mine smell like after a bunch of rounds in warm, damp conditions up here in New York?

Absolutely nothing.

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true: these things are awesome.

Not only do they not smell, they keep my feet cooler than any pair of golf shoe I have ever worn.

The magic golf shoe I’ve stumbled upon?

The ECCO Cool GTX, which I think is the best all-around shoe the company has ever made.


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ECCO Is At It Again

ECCO is my favorite golf shoe company, and not just because of their awesome new Cool GTX model.

I’ve been wearing ECCOs for years, especially after seeing one of my golf idols, Fred Couples, sporting them at Augusta in 2010.

Masters Golf

Ever the trendsetter, Freddie’s shoes – and his first-round 66 – helped catapult ECCO into prominence among golfers who want the most comfortable, highest-performing shoes.

And as I suggested earlier, I think they’ve outdone themselves with the new Cool GTX line.

The Only Company Offering Gore-Tex Surround Technology in a Golf Shoe

One of the things that stands out to me about ECCO is how they seem to take things a little more seriously than their competitors.

They seem to make shoes like they have a chip on their shoulder, and the results speak for themselves.

A perfect example: they are the first company to successfully use Gore-Tex – that revolutionary waterproof material – in a golf shoe.

Other companies have tried similar approaches, but their super-waterproof shoes end up making your feet so hot that they feel like they’re swimming…in their own sweat.

My take? Those shoes are not really waterproof at all…not in a way that actually means anything, anyway.

With their Cool GTX line, ECCO is the first to make it work.

In addition to the impenetrable Gore-Tex layer, the Cool GTX have a sole portion that is perforated, such that every time you take a step, the shoe essentially “breathes,” venting each foot as you walk.


And before you ask, no, those perforations do not let water in.

I was skeptical myself, but after trudging through a couple deep puddles on the course the other day, I was convinced that the shoes actually do what ECCO says they do.

And as you know, lots of companies talk the talk, but they almost never – ahem – “walk the walk.”

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A Golf Shoe That Lives Up To Its Name? I was Shocked, Too…

As you probably saw in the video above, the Cool GTX shoes from ECCO really live up to their name.

The Cool GTX shoes made a real temperature difference relative to another pair of high-tech, waterproof shoes I already had.

The Pros Love their ECCOs, Too

Just because ECCOs have that more casual look and comfortable feel doesn’t mean they aren’t “serious” golf shoes.

On the contrary – some of the best players in the world trust their golf games to ECCO.

Fred Couples, who I mentioned above, plus Ernie Els, Thomas Bjorn, and Smylie Kaufman to name a few.


Now, I know what you’re probably thinking…

“Pro golfers will use anything that works okay as long as they’re getting a fat check from the company each month.”

While that might be true with other brands, ECCO is one of those rare companies whose products are worn both by paid pros and unaffiliated players.

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So what’s the secret? Why is ECCO so highly respected across the golf world?

“Cow-to-Consumer” Craftsmanship

When it comes to luxury cars, everyone knows to look for “German engineering.”

Likewise, the Danes know their shoes. They know how to design ’em, and they know how to build ’em to last.

Specifcally, ECCO is one of the few major shoe manufacturers in the world to own and manage every step of the shoemaking process.

And I do mean every step: ECCO even owns the tanneries that produce the leather for its shoes.


This means unparalleled quality and quality-control.

On average, 210 pairs of hands touch each pair of shoes as they’re being made.

(And a shockingly low rate of returns as a result)

And here’s more on ECCO’s approach to…

Sizing and Fit…
ECCO shapes shoes to be comfortably snug in the heel and a little roomier around the toes than other companies. As a result, you’ll notice your foot moves more freely and naturally within the shoe.

(This is perfect for making a flowing, balanced golf swing.)

ECCO shoes also come with removable insoles to help you customize the fit without sacrificing comfort. Want a little extra room? Just remove the insoles. You’ll still feel the same level of support and comfort.


ECCO shoes’ direct-injection construction ensures all parts of the shoe are bound together by an impenetrable seal, and the materials they use are meant to be subjected to any elements you may encounter on the course.

This is what I mentioned earlier: when I stepped into a puddle on the course, I recoiled momentarily, until I realized my Cool GTX shoes were impervious to the water and the muck underneath.


And at that moment, I was protected by both the construction of the shoes and ECCO’s 100% waterproof, 360-degree GORE-TEX surround, which is a key feature of their Cool GTX shoes.

Traction and Grip…
The ECCO Cool GTX comes with a built-in set of Champ Slim-Lok spikes, which reduce weight and are a piece of cake to replace when the time comes (every season or so, depending on frequency of use).


Guaranteed for Three — Yes, Three — Years

Over the years, I’ve bought a ton of golf products to try – especially golf shoes.

One thing I always do is look at the warranty. To me, that’s the ultimate expression of a company’s confidence in the product they’re selling you.

I can’t tell you how many pairs of high-quality golf shoes I’ve seen with a paltry six-month or one-year warranty attached.

Major red flag.

Those shoes will hold up fine for a while, but sure enough, by 14, 16, 18 months, they’ve basically disintegrated.

ECCO knows this, which is why they stand by the superior quality of their shoes with a practically unheard-of three-year warranty.

This is effectively a lifetime warranty, especially if you like to wear a particular pair of shoes often, like I’m excited to do with my new Cool GTX.

Can you tell I’m a fan of these shoes?

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Here’s What Others Have Been Saying About ECCO Cool GTX Golf Shoes

“This is a proper shoe that is loaded with technology but you wouldn’t necessarily think it once you’ve got them on due to that lightweight comfort.”
— National Club Golfer

“With the ECCO Cool, excess moisture and heat escapes through the upper Gore-Tex membrane and laterally through the highly breathable mid-sole. The result? Feet stay dryer and we’re more comfortable.”
— Forbes

“I was a FootJoy guy for 50 years, and now I don’t wear anything but ECCOs.”
— John O.

“I don’t know why I bother ever buying any other brand. I’ve had two pairs of Eccos and they have been the best 2 pairs of golf shoes I’ve owned. “
— Greg Z.

“I don’t think about my feet when I wear them. Even with awkward lies…the shoes don’t shift, and my feet don’t shift inside them. They may indeed be perfect golf shoes.”
— Andy D.

“This is my 2nd pair of Ecco golf shoes and they are top quality and the most comfortable golf shoe I’ve ever worn! No break in period, great right out of the box!”
— Mark I.

It Shouldn’t Feel That Good to Take Your Golf Shoes Off

To follow up the above comments, if it feels awesome to take your golf shoes off…

It means they’re uncomfortable. And you’re putting up with it. For 4 to 5 hours at a time.

But now you don’t have to.

After owning countless pairs of golf shoes you probably couldn’t wait to take off, imagine owning some you can’t wait to put on.

That’s what sets ECCO golf shoes – especially the Cool GTX – apart.

Why You Should Get Your ECCO Cool GTX Shoes Now

Here’s the deal…

ECCO makes some of the best shoes out there, and they sell a lot of them.

So, they don’t generally need to offer any incentive to get people to buy their amazing shoes.

But if you click here to get your very own pair of ECCO Cool GTX and you’ll get free, 2-day shipping.

If You Want the Best, You Should Go To the Source

Sure, there are a number of online retailers where you could buy ECCO’s Cool GTX golf shoes, but there’s only one place where you should: the ECCO website.

One, pricing on ECCO shoes is generally the same no matter where you buy (trust me, I’ve researched it).

So, all things being equal, I’d rather have the added security that comes from ordering from the manufacturer…not a middleman.

Two, if you order your ECCO shoes now and enter code GVCOOL17, you’ll get free, 2-day shipping.

(In other words: order ’em today and you’ll have ’em mid-next week.)

Three, if you choose to join the “My ECCO” program (again, totally free), you’ll also get free shipping on returns in the unlikely event your shoes don’t fit perfectly.

Bottom line: If you’re a golf traveler — ECCO’s Cool GTX golf shoes can change your life.

Not only do they allow you to take a trip with a single pair of golf shoes, their performance, comfort, versatility, and durability is unmatched.

Click here to get your pair of ECCO Cool GTX now, then let us know how you like them.

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