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The Top-10 Tips of 2012


I love watching those year-in-review shows all over TV this time of year.

In minutes, you get a recap of the year’s most important happenings, and I’m always amazed how there are a few stories I totally missed.

To that end, here is a list of — and links to — the 10 most popular tips I published in 2012.

Feel free to keep commenting (yes, I read all of them) or use the “Search” box at the top right of the site to find advice on other topics of interest.

Are Wind Turbines Ruining Scotland Golf? (109 comments)

The Most Fun Golf Courses You’ve Ever Played (44 comments)

The Hypocrisy of Unusual Golf Course Designs (36 comments)

The Lowdown on FedEx Golf Club Shipping (29 comments)

Huge Debate Over Tinkering (or Tampering) with the Old Course at St. Andrews (99 comments)

Would You Consider Visiting this Emerging Golf Destination (27 comments)

Why Tiger Woods’ New Golf Course in Cabo is a Mistake (26 comments)

The Best Places to Experience “Golf as it Used to Be” (20 comments)

Is Donald Trump Good for Golf? (45 comments)

And here’s one that didn’t get many comments (probably because everyone was too busy emailing it to their friends) but you have to read it to believe it…

Hysterical Complaint Letter about Wild Member-Guest Weekend

Hope you enjoyed this short list of top tips and here’s to a great year of golf in 2013!

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