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10 Awesome Tips You Might Have Missed in 2014


Last week, we recapped ten tips that were particularly popular with you in 2014. This week, as we embark on 2015, I wanted to give one last look back at 2014 and let you get another look at ten tips you might have missed.

We more than doubled in size this year, and that newfound popularity inspired me to comb our 2014 tips for some you may have missed.

Check ’em out (and don’t forget to comment if you feel so inclined – we read them all!):

Most Useful Tip:
What Caddies Say Behind Your Back
(Playing with a caddie can be awkward and stressful. Here’s how to make it fun.)

Snarkiest Tip:
The Goofiest Products and Pitches at the PGA Show
(It was hard not to chuckle at some of these items. Only a couple weeks until the 2015 PGA Show!)

Most Romantic Tip:
18 Great Golf Resorts For Couples
(Guys: Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. This tip is as timely as ever.)

“Deadliest” Tip:
Golf Travel Tips That Can Save Your Life
(Depending on where your golf travels take you, this tip may be a literal life-saver.)

Most Outside-The-Box Tip:
Discover an Awesome Kind of Golf Vacation
(Why should you consider taking a competitive golf vacation? Value and fun.)

Most Honest Tip:
Why Do You Steal from Golf Courses?
(Perhaps the most personal tip I wrote last year)

Most Voyeuristic Tip:
Golf’s Best Webcams: Peek In on Golfers Playing Top Courses Around the World
(I figured this one would come in handy now that some of the coldest weather of the year is upon us.)

Trendiest Tip:
Major Improvements, Additions at Top Golf Courses and Resorts
(In a time of tighter purse strings, these resorts have generated lots of buzz for refusing to stand pat with what they have.)

Driest Tip:
What May Be the World’s Best Golf Rainwear
(“Look good, play good,” right? This rain suit I demo’ed was great.)

Interview Subject With The Coolest Accent:
One of Golf’s Best Undiscovered Destinations
(I could listen to this guy read the phone book. Seriously.)

We had a lot of fun providing you with the best in golf travel advice in 2014 and look forward to keeping that train rolling through 2015.

See you on the road,


10 Golf Vacation Tips You May Have Missed in 2014


  1. R. Stewart

    January 6, 2015 at 11:23 am

    I appreciate the tips regarding caddies. I used caddies in Scotland and Ireland, but never used anything more than fore caddies in the US. I’ve always been concerned about their level of compensation. When playing overseas we were told that 50 Euroes (close to $100) was the usual rate, which didn’t seem bad for carry a bag and providing expertise on the courses we played. If the “expertise” was good we usually gave our caddies a little more. However, we had a fore caddie at Sawgrass a few years ago and my buddy and I (together) gave him $50; I’ve always wondered if we were generous or if we stiffed the guy.
    What is the usual rate for caddies in the US? Does the cost of the round enter into the equation? Do you happen to know the caddie rate in the Atlanta GA area?

  2. Tim Gavrich

    January 6, 2015 at 11:49 am

    Hey R.–

    I don’t have direct experience in the Atlanta area, but having caddied at a nice club in Connecticut a couple summers, I’d say between $65 and $80 per bag is what you should expect to pay a regular walking caddie at the least, most times. Forecaddies can be a trickier situation. They usually go out with foursomes and given the different nature of that job (players usually being in carts), they generally command a lower per-man rate. But, forecaddying is tough because it’s generally one caddie for an entire foursome, so there’s a lot of hustling involved. Generally forecaddies should get $100 or more from a foursome, depending on level of helpfulness/hustle. It sounds like you and your buddy had a forecaddie for just the two of you. That’s a bit of an unusual circumstance, and I would say if you run into that again, err on the higher side of the tip/payscale given that that’s still 4-5 hours of the caddie’s time, even if he’s forecaddying for half the normal number of people.

    Hope this helps.


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