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January 4, 2018

This 10-Minute Exercise Has Helped Thousands Of Golfers
(But It's Not What You Think...)
By Craig Better
It seems like it's become fashionable to talk trash about the golf industry lately.

Rounds are down, interest is down, blah blah blah...

Those of us who actually work every day in the business have a bit of a different perspective.

The bottom line: the golf landscape has changed, but things are going well overall.

Recent years have spurred a ton of innovation and creativity in the industry.

And I'd like to share one of those success stories with you:

It comes from a company called Golf Life Navigators.
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They've put together an online exercise that only takes 10 minutes, but if you have any interest in retiring or getting a second home on a golf course, those 10 minutes could literally be life-changing.

It's called the ProGuide3 questionnaire, and it's revolutionizing the way golfers search for the right Florida golf club community for them.

Yes, I know - calling a 10-minute exercise from a golf company "life-changing" may seem like hyperbole, but take a look at these numbers, all from 2017:

- 2,500+ ProGuide3 questionnaires completed

- 7,000+ best-matched clubs for golfers who completed the ProGuide3 questionnaire

In addition, Golf Life Navigators' clients have indicated a desired budget that cumulatively adds up to more than $47 million in club membership sales and more than $679 million in club real estate sales that would be realized at their time of transition to Florida.

No...those projected numbers are not typos.

Golf Life Navigators has the potential to facilitate more than two-thirds of a billion dollars in golf club community real estate sales.
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What This 10-Minute Exercise Could Mean For You

How can just a 10-minute online exercise lead to your ideal golf lifestyle?

That's the secret sauce of the ProGuide3 questionnaire.

All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about the key factors you're looking for in a second or retirement home and community, and the painstakingly refined algorithm that Golf Life Navigators developed for the ProGuide3 provides a list of up to six "best-matched" golf club communities to help guide your search.

Yep - it's that simple, not to mention 100% free to complete.

Interested? Just click here to fill out a ProGuide3 questionnaire

Meet The Golf Life Navigators Brain Trust

Golf Life Navigators CEO Jason Becker and his partner, Lynn Josephson, have been advising people on the Florida country club and golf club community scene for a few years now, with excellent results.
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They're both PGA Professionals, which gives them access to an incredible network of golf clubs and communities, particularly in their home state of Florida.

They've spent the last few years of their lives learning everything to know about the golf and real estate market in Florida, and they've used that wealth of knowledge to develop the ProGuide3, which has shown thousands of golfers their best-matched golf club communities.

These on-demand recommendations help golfers like you jump-start the planning process, whether you're looking to buy in a golf club community ASAP or a few years down the road.

Why Wouldn't You Try This Out?

Number one, it costs absolutely nothing.

Number two, you don't have to be currently on the lookout for a Florida golf club membership, second or retirement home.

(If you're still a ways away from starting that search, no worries. Taking the ProGuide3 questionnaire is a great way to start the brainstorming stage of the search.)

In just a few minutes, you'll receive a list of up to six best-matched golf club communities in Florida where you'll be happiest.

Building on their accomplishments in Florida, Golf Life Navigators has some more great news: they will be expanding to include golf club communities in Arizona, North Carolina and South Carolina in 2018.

All the local knowledge and insider insights that might otherwise take weeks or months to find out has been applied to the ProGuide3 questionnaire.

And remember - thousands of your fellow golfers have benefited from Golf Life Navigators' insight.
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And for each of them, it all began when they filled out the 10-minute ProGuide3 questionnaire.

Don't Forget The Important Details:

No waiting for an email confirmation...

No waiting for a call back...

No signing your life away just to get some simple answers...

No bait-and-switch tactics.

Just pure, powerful information to help guide your planning.

This is a big decision for anyone. To do your due diligence, click here to discover your best-matched golf club communities.

Remember: Golf Life Navigators does not sell real estate or club memberships.

They're in the "trusted advice" business, which means that they work directly for you to find your perfect golf club home and membership.

And since they're always working with multiple clients and getting the latest insights from community and club leaders, their knowledge base increases constantly.

The Golf Life Navigators ProGuide3 questionnaire is ridiculously easy (just 10 minutes), and it can help put you on the path to ultimately securing your dream golf home and club membership.

The proof of the quality of their advice is in the thousands of happy golfers who have embraced this innovative model.

So if you agree (or even if you're just curious), click here to fill out the ProGuide3 and discover your best-matched golf club communities.

And be sure to let me know if they end up helping you with your next real estate purchase!

— Craig

p.s. It's never "too late" to get advice from Golf Life Navigators. Click here to discover the golf club communities where you'll be happiest!

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