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“Sure Thing Golf Gift #2: Free Upgrades to First Class (product spotlight)


this-to-thisI don’t know about you, but when it comes to air travel, I will do almost anything to get myself out of coach and into the first class cabin – so long as it doesn’t cost me anything, or at least very much.

Honestly, it’s not that I so crave a big comfy seat, a decent meal, overhead space for my carry-on and a few free cocktails, I simply have developed a real distaste over the years for the coach cabin experience.

Really, what genius at United thought it was a good idea to have 180 people share three bathrooms on a cross-country flight anyway?

Thankfully, I have a secret weapon – one that enables me to buy deeply discounted business- or first-class seats or, even better, to score free upgrades out of the cattle car, er, coach.

My secret (and one you can share with those on your holiday shopping list)?

I know Matthew Bennett.

Matthew is the publisher of First Class Flyer, a newsletter that exposes and exploits loopholes in airfares and frequent flyer programs to get readers into the first class cabin — either for free or at massive discounts.

Matthew Bennett on CNBCYou may know Matthew, too, but probably as, “Mr. Upgrade” from his many TV and newspaper interviews.

I first met him several years ago and have been subscribing to his monthly newsletter ever since (it’s now in its 17th year).

Matthew actually began his professional career as a pitcher in the Kansas City Royals farm system.

After realizing the big leagues weren’t in his future, he got into coaching. Not baseball, but travel, which he did a ton of — and became an expert on — while playing.

Little did Matthew know that one day he would become the Billy Beane of air travel.

Specifically, Matthew helps people like you and me win the air travel game by finding airfare anomalies and loopholes in frequent flyer, hotel, and credit card programs to get us deeply discounted or free upgrades to first and business class.

For example, in the November issue I learned how to effectively get “free” and “low-cost” upgrades to the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico by taking advantage of EasyUp fares being offered this month.

In this month’s issue, Matthew also answers the question of whether to buy, hedge or wait on booking 2014 Premium Class seats to Europe in 2014.  Very handy as I definitely want to be riding upfront for my May golf trip to England.  (Hint: I am not buying my ticket just yet.)

Even more valuable to me are Matthew’s insights into the morsass of frequent flyer plans, hotel loyalty programs and credit card mileage deals.

He methodically reveals how you can gain access to award seats that seem to always be blacked out and how to stretch your reward points, often by redeeming points gained in one program on another carrier with more liberal rules.

Sound interesting to you or as a possible gift for someone you know?

fcf-coverIf so, you can sign up for a free trial to First Class Flyer at Matthew’s website.

And get this — when you download your complimentary copy of Matthew’s November 2013 issue, he’ll also give you 11 special reports with his best tips on flying first- and business-class for less.

Among the titles and topics covered are:

  • How to Score Free Upgrades to First Class
  • How to Save Up to 50% Flying First Class to Hawaii
  • How to Get Treated as an Elite Passenger (Even if You Don’t Fly Very Much)
  • Three Strategies for Upgrading from Business to First Class
  • Which Credit Cards Net You Free Tickets and Upgrades
  • When and Where to Buy Frequent Flyer Miles
  • How to Get Free Stopovers and Side Trips
  • My Favorite Upgrade Ploy…and a Few Other Tricks

Again, you’ll get these reports free just by trying First Class Flyer, and I know they contain secrets that could likely get you into a first class seat on your very next flight.

The only thing I don’t know is how long Matthew is going to keep this free trial offer going (and the 11 reports that go with it).

So, if you want to know today’s secret and other, money-saving tips on getting out of the cattle car, I encourage you to try First Class Flyer for free now.

In truth, I don’t find information that interests me in every issue of First Class Flyer, but rarely does two or three months go by without my picking up a nugget that ends up being worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.  And when it comes to those free upgrades, well, priceless.

p.s. Matthew is a stand-up guy. His trial is truly free — there is no purchase obligation and he doesn’t pressure you to subscribe. When you offer advice this good, you don’t have to.

p.p.s.  The other hidden benefit of getting into the first class cabin is avoiding the extra fees, especially for additional or large luggage like golf bags!

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