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This is Weird…But it Works (product spotlight)


My inbox has been blowing up over the past week.

After that email I sent you about the SmartBall, invented by Martin Chuck, I received a flood of messages, most of which went something like this:

“What a cool idea…has Martin Chuck got any other helpful golf inventions?”

Well, it turns out Martin has invented another useful gadget well worth checking out.

See, regardless of the swing differences among Tour pros and other great ballstrikers, there’s one critical thing they all do at impact.

It’s one of Ben Hogan’s famous secrets…

And this delightfully low-tech (and inexpensive) device shows you exactly how to do it.

More accurately, it shows you how to feel it, so you can improve big-time without spending hundreds on lessons.

The best part is, you can start using this little thing right now — even indoors. You don’t even need to hit golf balls with it.

Check out this page to learn more.

p.s.There’s a 2-minute video about halfway down you should definitely watch.

It’ll show you everything this small (but powerful) thing can do for you.