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Get the same headcovers found at Cypress Point, Winged Foot, Shinnecock Hills, Friar’s Head, TPC Sawgrass and more

If I were to ask you:”What’s the one thing keeping you from buying someone a sweet set of custom, hand-knit wool headcovers?”(You know, the ones Jack Nicklaus raised to iconic status and are ultra-cool again.)You would probably say, “the price.”

Same here.

Everyone thinks they look fantastic on any golf bag, so that’s not the issue.

But hand-knit, 100% wool headcovers are expensive.

Well, they were expensive.

In a second, I’m going to share the secret that a handful of exclusive, in-the-know golf clubs and university golf teams have discovered…

And how you can give an entire set of these beautiful, hand-knit, wool headcovers to someone for less than what it normally costs for just one.

A quick heads up: I could only secure this offer for the first 150 readers who respond. (Wish it could be more — sorry.)

So, if you want to snag this fantastic deal, keep reading and act quickly.

Turn on images to see what these awesome Sunfish headcovers look like

Now, before I reveal my secret source for these headcovers, I have a confession to make…

I wouldn’t have known about them had my friend Justin Tupper from Revolution Golf not pointed them out to me.

See, we were at the 2014 PGA show and it was this company’s first time exhibiting there.

Their booth was so small, I almost walked right past it.

Actually, I did walk right past it.

Took one glance and said to myself, “more knit headcovers…yawn.”

But that afternoon when comparing “show highlights” with Justin, he said:

“Did you see those awesome Sunfish Headcovers?”

“What’s so awesome about them?” I asked. “They look like all the other headcovers out there.”

“Exactly, he said. They are just like all the top-quality, hand-knit headcovers out there…but they’re about a third of the the price!”

He was right.

And after spending some time at the Sunfish booth and meeting the guys running the company (Alonzo Guess and David Riggs)….

I knew I had to grab a set…and arrange a special offer for you, too (more on that below).

Turn on images to see what these hand-made headcovers look like
It’s not every day you find such a high quality product at such a fantastic price.But please don’t take my word for it. These headcovers are also…Preferred by Elite Golf Clubs and College ProgramsAgain, I never heard of Sunfish before the 2014 PGA Show, and until now, you probably never heard of them, either.

But I bet you’ve heard of the places where you’ll find their awesome headcovers…

Top-100 clubs and courses including Cypress Point, Shinnecock Hills, Winged Foot, Friar’s Head, TPC Sawgrass, Bethpage Black, Harbour Town…

And at top college golf programs including Florida, Florida State, Michigan, Michigan State, Georgia, and about 50-60 others.

And here are the kinds of things people are saying about Sunfish Headcovers…

“Make your clubs look amazing”

– Frank Valentino, MyGolfSpy

“Perfect for any golfer, young and cool or old and traditional.”

– USA Today

“A great product that more people deserve to see.”

– Bmfgolf, via Golfwrx

“Great quality… the elastic is really a great addition.”

– Subrosa, via Golfwrx

“Awesome…extremely thick…absolutely recommend”

– Damnorcross, via Golfwrx

“Solid headcover, great value…definitely recommend these.”

-Matt, via Amazon

“Great headcover, great quality, great price, great shipping speed, great durability”

-Bachy8, via Amazon

“Great looking…perfect fit”

-Matt S., via Amazon

An Iconic Tradition Finally Affordable to All

Jack Nicklaus made knitted wool headcovers famous, but other pros use them too, including Greg Norman, Nick Price, Mark O’Meara, Justin Leonard…

And remember seeing them on Tom Watson’s bag during his heroic charge at the 2009 British Open at Turnberry?

Well, that re-ignited the golf world’s interest, and everyone realized these great-looking, hand-made wool headcovers aren’t just a novelty out of our history, but a lasting, iconic tradition.

Of course, in the past, if you wanted to be part of this tradition, you had to fork over hundreds of dollars.

A single headcover could cost about $75. A set of three could easily run you $175-$200.

But today you can get…

An Entire Set of 100% Woool, Hand-knit Headcovers for Only $65 (with Free Shipping in the U.S.)

I can guess what you’re thinking, but lower price does not mean lower quality.

One, Sunfish employs a team of 12 master knitters who hand-knit every headcover.

Two, they use 100% New Zealand wool – the best in the world.

Three, this wool never fades. You can leave your headcovers in the sun every summer for the rest of your life, and the color will stay strong and bright.

Four, they stitch an elastic band through the end of each headcover to keep them from slipping off, so your clubs stay protected (and so you don’t lose your headcovers).

Get Your Set of 3 Hand-Knit Headcovers Here
Turn on images to see your color choices
$175, $95 Only $65 with Free Shipping in the United States
Only 150 Sets Available at this Price. Get yours now

How can Sunfish offer such good pricing?That was my burning question, too, and here’s the answer:When Sunfish started producing headcovers, they looked at their costs and realized that other companies were “overcharging by a ridiculous amount.”Even using the best New Zealand wool and a dozen master knitters, Sunfish’s costs came nowhere near the $60-$75 per headcover that others charge.

So they decided to offer their headcovers at, “an honest price.”

That’s why you can go on their website and purchase a matching set of three for $80.

But I secured an even better deal for the first 150 subscribers to respond…

When I talked with Sunfish’s Alonzo and David recently, I negotiated even better pricing than what they already offer.

The only catch is, they’ll only honor it for 150 of you.

Here it is:

For only $65 (with free shipping in the U.S.A), you can get an entire set of three matching headcovers:

1 driver headcover plus…

1 fairway wood headcover plus…

1 hybrid headcover

They’re available in your choice of the 7 most popular colors so you can support your favorite sports team, college, or simply match your golf bag.

(Heck at only $65, you can get a few sets to match what you’re wearing that day.)

You read that right: $65 (with free shipping in the USA) for an entire set of 3 hand-knit, 100% New Zealand wool headcovers.

That’s the lowest price you will find anywhere (including at Amazon) on quality headcovers like this, so…

Get Your Set of Hand-Knit Wool Headcovers Now

p.s. If you’re not thrilled with your headcovers, send them back for a refund. Not only did Justin from Revolution Golf tip me off about these headcovers, he agreed to sell them in his online store — where you’re protected by a 60-day money-back policy.

p.p.s. Remember, only the first 150 readers can claim this deal. While other companies charge upwards of around $75 to deliver a single hand-knit headcover, you can get an entire set of three Sunfish Headcovers for only $65 with free shipping in the USA.

Get Your Set of 3 Hand-Knit Headcovers Here
Turn on images to see your color choices
$175, $95 Only $65 with Free Shipping in the United States
Only 150 Sets Available at this Price. Get yours now.