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Our Best Photos From The 2017 PGA Show


With one of the most exciting – and exhausting – weeks of the year in golf behind us, it’s time to renew an annual tradition: our favorite sights from the PGA Merchandise Show, followed by our commentary on the good, the bad and the just-plain-weird products on offer.

We’ll leave you in suspense about our product reviews until next week. So for now, check out these photos we took throughout PGA Show Week.

Demo Day

PGA Show Week begins in earnest with Demo Day, held each year at Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge’s massive practice area, complete with a 360-degree range and four separate outlying chipping and putting green complexes.

Booths That Caught Our Eye

Moving on to Wednesday through Friday and the main event, here are some booths – large and small – that caught our attention:

Celebs, Mascots And Spectacles

Many exhibitors aim to garner buzz about their wares through eye-popping displays, gimmicks and other marketing ploys…

New Clubs, Balls and Shoes

Despite some bizarre sites, the PGA Show is serious business. Equipment manufacturers and other companies are competing not just for media attention, but for business from clubs, resorts and retail outlets. Here are some hard goods that caught our eye:

Headcovers and Accessories

One trend we’ve seen in recent years is a rise in creativity with headcovers and other golf accessories. Here are some pics from that category:

Other Miscellaneous Photos

These photos don’t quite fit into our other categories, but we’d be remiss not to let you see them.

All in all, it was a fun PGA Show Week, with good energy coming out of the industry as we embark on 2017. As always, feel free to share your thoughts with us below!

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  1. Win C

    February 7, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    I was there and it was a great show. Everything from the funny even ridiculous to the very best in golf gear. An exciting winter break every year.

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