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Why Now is Prime Time for Scotland Golf Vacations



It’s British Open Championships like the one just played that make people want to take Scotland Golf Vacations.

And besides the US and Canadian dollars holding relatively strong against the British Pound (compared to a year ago) here’s one reason why now might be the best time to take one: easier access to high-demand tee times.

For example, among all the great courses to play on Scotland golf vacations, few tee times are more precious than those at Muirfield, whose Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers drew up the first “Rules of Golf.” A favorite British Open venue among the pros, Muirfied has hosted the tournament 15 times, and will host it again in 2013.

The trouble for those on Scotland golf vacations is, the club only accepts unaccompanied guests at select times on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

According to the editors of Golf Odyssey, “normally, by this time of year, next year’s tee sheets would already be booked solid. But “thanks”to the economic crisis, at press time some slots were still available for Scotland golf vacations.”

Certain months in particular have excellent availability, and while I can’t divulge what they are here, I can tell you where to find them, along with a full review of Muirfield and expert recommendations of  other places to play, stay and dine while on a Scotland golf vacation in the East Lothian area (20 miles east of Edinburgh). It’s all in the  July 2009 issue of  Golf Odyssey.

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