Editorial, Advertising, and Sponsorship Policy

Golf Vacation Insider‘s free blog and email alerts are for golfers who want expert, honest, and trustworthy advice on where to play, stay, and dine worldwide.

Unlike others, our approach is founded on editorial independence and objectivity.

First, we do not sell golf packages or arrange/book golf vacations.

Second, our travel tips and golf course, resort, and restaurant reviews are based mainly on anonymous, “secret shopper” inspections by the small, expert staff of Golf Odyssey, the world’s premier newsletter devoted to golf travel.

Golf Odyssey does not accept advertising from golf courses, hotels, resorts or restaurants and its editors do not take the free, familiarization or “fam” trips regularly offered to the media and travel agents.

What does all this mean to you?

It means you get honest reviews you can trust because we have only one audience to satisfy, and that’s you.

As you might have guessed, we wouldn’t be able to maintain Golf Vacation Insider as a free resource without offsetting at least some of our expenses with support from sponsors.

So, you’ll sometimes see advertising on the Golf Vacation Insider website and/or in the tips we email you, either in the form of banner ads or sponsored messages. Even then, these messages are often unique golf/travel opportunities or money-saving offers that aren’t available anyplace else.

Other times, we’ll tell you about a product we think you’ll like (often because we find it useful ourselves), and, if you try it or buy it, we may earn a small referral fee.

Of course, all sponsor-related messages will be labeled as such in our blog posts and emails as a “special offer,” “private sale,” “product spotlight,” or “sponsored/partner tip.”

It’s important to know, too, we are extremely selective about the sponsors we work with. Frankly, we turn down more than we accept.

The bottom line is, we respect the relationship we’ve formed with you, and we promise never to publish anything – sponsored or otherwise – unless we think it’s truly worthy of your attention.

Craig Better
Editor and Publisher
Golf Vacation Insider

Last updated: January 1, 2015