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Beware of Hidden Costs on Your Pebble Beach Golf Vacation


If you’re thinking about taking a Pebble Beach Golf Vacation, take a camera, take a windshirt and, most importantly, take more money than you think you’ll need.

Despite charging some of the highest green fees and room rates of any golf resort in the country, Pebble Beach Resorts (the umbrella company for the Pebble Beach Golf Course and its sister golf courses and hotels) seems to seize upon every opportunity to pad the bill. 

Golf Odyssey recently returned from researching the Pebble Beach golf courses and, while we think they are something every golf enthusiast should experience, all the extra fees and surcharges marred an otherwise epic experience.

For example, the $450 green fee at Pebble Beach Golf Course doesn’t even include a yardage book. For that, you’ll have to fork over another $10. And, the least expensive rooms at the resort top $500 per night, but that doesn’t include an additional $20 daily “resort fee”, which, by the way, was not mentioned when we made our reservations or clearly referenced on our confirmation.

Nor did the resort fee include Internet access, which is common practice throughout the hotel industry. And, to add insult to injury, we learned that Pebble Beach Resorts slyly clocks Internet service from midnight to midnight (instead of on a 24-hour cycle). So, if you check your email at 9 p.m., you’re charged again if you check it the following morning.

In addition, although it was explained that the resort fee eliminates the need to tip front-of-the-house employees, one of the bellmen had no problem pocketing a gratuity from someone in our group who was unaware of the policy.

There were other instances, too, where we felt we were being nickled and dimed on an already exorbitant Pebble Beach golf vacation. And at these prices, nickels and dimes quickly turn into fifties and hundreds.

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  1. pj

    November 20, 2017 at 12:13 pm

    is it true if we have a group of 3, they will only place 2 in a room and will charge for a second room?

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