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Free Bandon Dunes Golf Vacation Guide

With four, 18-hole courses all ranked among the top-30 in the USA, nowhere in the country will you find a larger collection of highly ranked golf courses than at Oregon’s Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (and owner Mike Keiser isn’t finished yet!). Still, the relatively new and very remote resort remains a mystery even for some seasoned golf travelers. Is it really as good as everyone says? Are there Bandon Dunes golf packages available? What’s the weather like out there? What’s the best way to get there? We answered all these questions and more — including the differences between the golf courses in the architects’ own words — in the FREE guide below.

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bandon dunes golf packages

Bandon Dunes golf packages are a little different than at other golf resorts. Here’s what you need to know.

As popular as Oregon’s Bandon Dunes Golf Resort has become, you’d think booking a golf package there would be easy.


You won’t find packages listed anywhere on the Bandon Dunes Resort website (but they do exist).

As for packages offered by third parties, they don’t exist.

Well, not in the usual sense, and usually not by anyone with a formal relationship with Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.

“Wait a minute,” you’re saying. “What about all the Bandon Dunes golf packages that come up when I do a Google search?”

Smoke and mirrors.

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<small>Photo by Wood Sabold</small>

Photo by Wood Sabold

Being called “different” compared to two powerhouse courses like Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes could imply that a golf course is an inferior design. But, in the case of Bandon Trails, the third and newest course at Bandon Dunes Resort, different also means a delightful change of pace on your Bandon Dunes Golf Vacation.

Bandon Trails veers from its siblings in that the latter utilize the same landscape and geography, that of coastal duneland. The Trails course starts off in the dunes, but they’re inland dunes, much thicker and more mazelike. In fact, the first few holes are reminiscent of playing certain courses in Northern Ireland, where they charge downhill into dune-studded valleys.  

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<center>Pacific Dunes' fourth hole is bordered by the ocean.</center>

Pacific Dunes is the best course to play on Bandon Dunes Golf Vacations.

If you make the terrible mistake of coming to Bandon, Oregon with only enough time to play one round on your Bandon Dunes Golf Vacation, your choice is Pacific Dunes.

Like Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes is a links course in the Scottish tradition. True to form, mighty winds can blow and a low running game is required. Walking is expected on your Bandon Dunes golf vacation, but an extensive caddie program insures that you won’t have to carry your own bag. 

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<center>The Grove Cottage social rooms are great for groups.</center>

The Grove Cottage social rooms are great for groups.

Your Bandon Dunes Golf Vacation offers a number of choices in lodging.

The Grove Cottages are the newest, most upscale and refined of Bandon’s accommodation offerings. Designed for a four-ball and running $1,400 a night in season, each cottage comprises four nearly identical bedrooms featuring king-size beds, flat-panel televisions, and private bathrooms. 

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An Exclusive Interview with Bandon Resort Owner Mike Keiser

Old MacDonald opens for Bandon Dunes golf vacations on June 1. (Photo by Wood Sabold)

Old MacDonald opens for Bandon Dunes golf vacations on June 1. (Photo by Wood Sabold)

Old Macdonald, the most highly anticipated golf course in America, is scheduled to open on June 1 at southern Oregon’s Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.

Based upon how much as been written about Old Macdonald, you probably already knew this, and the concept behind the course, i.e., that it’s an homage to “Golden Age” architect C.B. Macdonald.

But I recently read an exclusive interview that the editors of Golf Odyssey conducted with Bandon Dunes Golf Resort owner Mike Keiser, and he revealed a few things about the course (and the new course he’s planning) I haven’t seen published anywhere else. 

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<center>Reckless a-Bandon: Camp 101 Golf Driving Range & Lodge.</center>

Reckless a-Bandon: Camp 101 Golf Driving Range & Lodge.

As the saying goes, the road less traveled makes all the difference. And if you take the leisurely drive down coastal Highway 101 (as opposed to Interstate 5) to begin your Bandon Dunes Golf Vacation, you’ll come across a driving range that is utterly and undeniably…different.

Almost everyone has enjoyed the guilty pleasure of trying to plunk the range picker at their local driving range. Well, picture an entire driving range with irresistible targets like that and you’ll get a sense of what Camp 101 Golf Driving Range & Lodge is all about. Located in the town of Florence, about 90 minutes north of Bandon, it’s golf meets Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. 

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If you’ve been toying with the idea of taking a Bandon Dunes Golf Vacation, do yourself a favor and make your reservations sooner rather than later.

Why? Because Golf in the Kingdom recently finished filming there, and when the movie comes out next year, every golfer not already familiar with Bandon Dunes is going to see what we’ve been saying for years: that the only thing keeping these three (soon to be four) courses from being authentic Irish/Scottish links is that they’re located in a little town on the southern coast of Oregon.

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Q: Are airport rental cars available to drive to Bandon Dunes Resort? Norman G.

A: That’s a great question, Norman, as most travelers who fly to their Bandon Dunes Golf Vacation use North Bend’s Southern Oregon Regional Airport (airport code: OTH), which is quite small.

However, two rental car companies have desks there: Enterprise (local telephone number: 541-266-7100) and Hertz (local telephone numer: 541-756-4416). As you would imagine, because of the demand, especially in summer, it’s a good idea to reserve a car well in advance of your Bandon Dunes golf vacation.

If you can’t get a rental car, you can always hire one of the many taxi, limousine and shuttle services to drive you to the resort. Bandon Dunes’ preferred provider is Connoisseurs Golf Transportation but there are many others, such as: 

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