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Golf Odyssey's editors will answer subscriber questions about Dominican Republic golf vacations (Punta Espada Golf Course pictured) and all others worldwide.

Golf Odyssey's editors will answer subscriber questions about Dominican Republic golf vacations (Punta Espada Golf Course pictured) and all others worldwide.

About a month ago, Golf Odyssey received the following email from Susan R.:

“I know it is brand new, but have you heard anything about staying at the Golden Bear Lodge at Cap Cana resort on Dominican Republic golf vacations?

I’m already booked at the Sanctuary Cap Cana, but I’m considering switching because the Golden Bear Lodge looks beautiful and they are offering a really good deal.”

As luck would have it, Golf Odyssey’s editors had just arrived at Cap Cana to conduct one of their trademark, “secret shopper” inspections.

Below is the report they sent back to Susan right away. I think you’ll find it interesting even if you’re not interested in Dominican Republic Golf Vacations

“The Golden Bear Lodge is situated between the two Cap Cana golf courses, close to each, but you still wouldn’t walk to the clubhouse. The Lodge, whose lobby is still unfinished, overlooks Las Iguanas golf course (also unfinished, but with nine holes scheduled to open in a few months), and then the ocean.

Every room at the Lodge is a suite with a kitchenette. It’s pretty quiet and there and there may be some “new hotel” glitches to overcome, such as card keys not working initially. The pool at the Lodge is an odd, narrow strip with a bar at one end and there’s only one restaurant in house.

The Sanctuary Cap Cana, on the other hand, is larger, livelier and more luxurious. Yes, it’s farther away from the golf courses, but there is a shuttle available.

There are two halves to the Sanctuary Cap Cana: the Spanish Colonial (more romantic decor) and the Fortress (more contemporary decor).

There are multiple pools located in a large complex and also a convenient beach area. There are also four restaurants at The Sanctuary, including one right at the water.

The views from the Sanctuary are incredible, and the hotel buildings, restaurants, lounges, terraces, etc., are atmospheric and quite intriguing.

Guests of one hotel may NOT use the facilities of the other, although the restaurants at each are accessible to anyone.

So, to sum up, while the Golden Bear Lodge is nice, it is currently quiet, kind of bland, and pales in comparison to the Sanctuary. The only way I would recommend the Golden Bear Lodge over The Sanctuary at this time is if you only cared about playing golf, saving money, and the kitchenette for in-room dining.”

Now, I didn’t share this with you because I think you had the exact same question as Susan about Dominican Republic golf vacations (if you did, I’m glad I could help).

Rather, I’m sharing it to illustrate one of the biggest benefits of being a Golf Odyssey subscriber: direct access to the editors who will personally and expertly answer any golf vacation questions you have.

That’s right. As a Golf Odyssey subscriber, you can call or email the editors directly and you’ll get back advice (sometimes within minutes) that will help you make smart decisions about where to spend your time and money.

Like Susan, you may be wondering about the best place to stay, the best courses to play, and the restaurants and/or cultural sights you must not miss…things that could literally make or break your next golf vacation.

You could take your chances, but unfortunately, like golf itself, it’s rare to get a golf vacation mulligan — you have to get it right the first time.

And that’s exactly what Golf Odyssey’s editors help you do with this personal, concierge-level service for Golf Odyssey subscribers.

Could you find reliable answers by spending countless hours searching the Web?

Well, you could find answers, but I’d question their quality and reliability.

On the other hand, Golf Odyssey‘s editors have been doing nothing but inspecting and reviewing golf courses, resorts and restaurants around the globe for the past 18 years…and doing so undercover and without accepting a penny in advertising from them.

In short, their expertise and objectivity is unmatched by anyone in the world.

Would you like to see for yourself?

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If you decide you like Golf Odyssey and become a subscriber after your free trial, you’ll begin getting Golf Odyssey‘s monthly issues, unlimited access to the back-issue archive, and the unique resource I described above: a direct link to the editors; your personal source of fast and reliable golf vacation intelligence.

Did you know? Golf Vacation Insider and Golf Odyssey are the world’s only golf publications that conduct “secret shopper” site inspections and do not accept advertising from golf courses, resorts or restaurants in order to provide you with expert, unbiased, and trusted advice.

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