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2 Nights, 3 Rounds at the Award-Winning American Club Resort from Only $871 pp

Starting at $871 per person (double occupancy) at The Inn on Woodlake
Starting at $943 per person (double occupancy) at The American Club Hotel

Turn on images to see an aweseome photo of the Straits Course at The American Club

Includes these exclusive, Golf Vacation Insider package perks…

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OK, for all you last-minute-Larry’s out there (I’m one, too), here’s a golf gift that pretty much has it all:

• Never Seen Before: yes
• Appeals to All Golfers: yes
• Clever: yes
• Impressive: yes
• Appreciated: yes
• Useful: yes
• Fun: yes
• Long Lasting: yes
• Under 100 dollars: yes
• Free shipping in USA: yes

And best of all…

It allows your gift recipient to play golf wherever they want.

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Turn on images to see this cute kid freak out about missing a putt

Can you spot the reason for this young golfer’s tantrum? (via YouTube user: seerajene)

Thanks to Mike P., Jay B., John O., and everyone else who shared a comment on last week’s tip called, “Don’t You Love it When…” (the little things golf resorts do right).

Today, I thought we’d have some fun and rant a little about the opposite: what really grinds our gears (hint at right).

Here are some of my biggest pet peeves (and I’d love to hear yours in the comments section below).

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Private Sale for GVI Readers (Only 150 Available)

(The same headcovers found at Cypress Point, Winged Foot, Shinnecock Hills, Friar’s Head, TPC Sawgrass and more)

Turn on images to see what these awesome Sunfish headcovers look like

If I were to ask you:

“What’s the one thing keeping you from buying someone a sweet set of custom, hand-knit wool headcovers?”

(You know, the ones Jack Nicklaus raised to iconic status and are ultra-cool again.)

You would probably say, “the price.”

Same here.

Everyone thinks they look fantastic on any golf bag, so that’s not the issue.

But hand-knit, 100% wool headcovers are expensive.

Well, they were expensive.

In a second, I’m going to share the secret that a handful of exclusive, in-the-know golf clubs and university golf teams have discovered…

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A pristine practice area and with complimentary range balls is one of the “little things” golfers love. (Pebble Beach Resorts)

As golfers go, I like to think I’m fairly easy to please.

Give me a fun golf course in decent shape and I’m going to have a pretty good time.

But in the golf world, there’s a big difference between “pretty good” and “can’t wait to go back.”

That big difference is, of course, the little things. Here are a few that bring my judgment of a golf experience from “like” to “love.”

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Hundreds of tour pros and their caddies love this under-the-radar product.

Hundreds of tour pros and their caddies love this under-the-radar product.

Based on your reaction the last time I covered this subject, you really like when I reveal the little-known products Tour players swear by.

Well, I have another great find for you today.

It’s not a “sexy” product like the latest driver or irons.

In fact, you’ve probably never even considered there might be a “pro quality” version of this humble thing.

But it can do wonders for your game and your enjoyment of it.

It is…

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I’ve been keeping an eye out for all the crazy “Black Friday” golf deals out there, but this one might be the craziest (as in “crazy good”).

One of the hottest golf products is a “personal launch monitor” called…

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I watch a lot of golf on TV, and I’ve noticed a trend over the years:

More and more ads for rental car companies.

Maybe that’s one reason why we get so many questions via email asking about rental cars on golf trips.

Here’s my colleague Craig Better with more:

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