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What secret could such an impressively European-looking edifice as this possibly be hiding? (Courtesy of Gleneagles)

What secret could such an impressively European-looking edifice possibly be hiding? (Courtesy of Gleneagles)

If you spent a bunch of hours watching the Ryder Cup like I did, you might be thinking:

“I need to go to the UK and experience some of that excitement for myself.”

Yes, it’s true: you can play the very course that just hosted this big-time international event.

In fact, in the UK and Ireland, you can play virtually all of the courses that have hosted it.

But there’s a dirty little secret nobody ever talks about on TV (or anywhere else for that matter).

And it’s something you must know if you have any plans on playing across the pond.

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In case you missed this (only 86 left)…

Most of you know I’m a big fan of shipping my golf clubs.

Now that you can get them picked up and hand-delivered for less than it costs to lug them around yourself, it’s a complete no-brainer.

You don’t even need a special box — you can just throw them into your travel bag and you’re done.

If you’ve discovered this bliss, too, or you’ve been meaning to try it, you’re going to love today’s tip.

That’s because…

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Here’s more from our managing editor, Tim Gavrich…

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Truly great golf packages can be hard to find these days.

Resorts will often jack up their prices by $200…then advertise a “$200 off Special.”

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, and it’s total B.S.

But not this offer…

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You probably don’t want to hear what I’m about to tell you:

Chances are, you have no idea how far you hit the ball.

A study by the respected equipment site MyGolfSpy found that all of us hit our clubs shorter than we think we do.

Way shorter.

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The World Am is a unique and incredible golf experience for those who like a little competition. It mixes fun and focus like no other such event. (Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday)

The World Am is a unique and incredible golf experience for those who like a little competition. It mixes fun and focus like no other such event. (Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday)

What do thousands of Myrtle Beach-bound golfers know that you don’t?

You may have seen it on Sunday on the face of Billy Horschel as he won the FedEx Cup (and a cool $11.4 million): the thrill of competition.

Amateur tournaments like the annual Myrtle Beach World Am and many others give players like you and me the chance to feel what the pros feel on a weekly basis.

(I played in the World Am a few weeks ago, to see what all the fuss is about, and let me tell you – it’s the real deal).

If you tee it up in one of these events, you’ll notice your heart pumping a bit more than it does in your weekly $2 Nassau. Plus, you’ll get to meet fellow avid golfers and make new friends and lasting memories, which is part of what makes golf so special.

Bottom line: if you haven’t played in one of these events, you’re missing out. Let me show you:

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While watching the BMW Championship this weekend, something dawned on me.

It was the first time the PGA Tour had been to Colorado since legalization…

…of recreational marijuana.

Now, it’s not my cup of tea (or THC), but it’s no coincidence that there’s been an uptick in tourism this year in the Rocky Mountain State. That goes for golfers as well, especially if Golf Digest’s recent article on the intersection of strokes and tokes is any indication.

Here at Golf Vacation Insider, we pride ourselves on staying on top of any and all new trends in golf travel, for the good of our readers, who may or may not be curious about “elevating” their golf games out West.

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Regular readers of Golf Vacation Insider know I often send reminders of critical dates and deadlines.

Well, one of these critical deadlines is not a deadline anymore. Even still, if you’re thinking about playing the Old Course at St. Andrews next year, you’d better act before September 15, 2014.

Miss this opportunity, and you’ll likely have to pay about $1,000 for an advanced, Old Course tee time you could have obtained for about $250.

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