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If you’re like me, you probably dropped a bit of cash on various gifts for your loved ones this Holiday season.

That means that you’re probably looking to save a little on your next golf trip.

I’ve found a solution that could potentially save you hundreds on lodging for your next adventure.

This view of McCormick Ranch Golf Club is pretty sweet. With an extra couple hundred bucks in your pocket, it's even sweeter. (Flickr user Dru Bloomfield)

This view of McCormick Ranch Golf Club is pretty sweet. With an extra couple hundred bucks in your pocket, it’s even sweeter. (Flickr user Dru Bloomfield)

Check it out…

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I try to keep on top of financial trends along with golf trends because sometimes, they go hand-in-hand.

This is one of those times.

The other day, I heard that the Euro had sunk to a nine-year low against the Dollar – hovering in the 1.18-1.19 range for the first time since 2006 (with a brief dip just below 1.20 in 2010).

Not surprisingly, I’ve noticed an uptick in inquiries about European golf trips from American readers lately, especially to Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France.

Ireland golf vacations (and others in the Eurozone) will likely be a bargain in 2015.

Thank you, exchange rate!

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Last week, we recapped ten tips that were particularly popular with you in 2014. This week, as we embark on 2015, I wanted to give one last look back at 2014 and let you get another look at ten tips you might have missed.

We more than doubled in size this year, and that newfound popularity inspired me to comb our 2014 tips for some you may have missed.

Check ‘em out (and don’t forget to comment if you feel so inclined – we read them all!):

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The Top 10 Golf Vacation Tips of 2014

by Craig Better


I love watching those year-in-review shows on TV this time of year.

In minutes, you get a recap of the year’s most important happenings, and I’m always amazed there are a few stories I totally missed.

To that end, here is a list of — and links to — the 10 most popular tips we published in 2014.

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You may have heard the news last week surrounding the United States and one of its nearest neighbors and longest-running foes: Cuba. President Barack Obama announced last Wednesday that he seeks to “normalize relations” with the Caribbean island nation of more than 11 million. So I could not help but wonder:

What does this mean for golfers?

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2 Nights, 3 Rounds at the Award-Winning American Club Resort from Only $871 pp

Starting at $871 per person (double occupancy) at The Inn on Woodlake
Starting at $943 per person (double occupancy) at The American Club Hotel

Turn on images to see an aweseome photo of the Straits Course at The American Club

Includes these exclusive, Golf Vacation Insider package perks…

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OK, for all you last-minute-Larry’s out there (I’m one, too), here’s a golf gift that pretty much has it all:

• Never Seen Before: yes
• Appeals to All Golfers: yes
• Clever: yes
• Impressive: yes
• Appreciated: yes
• Useful: yes
• Fun: yes
• Long Lasting: yes
• Under 100 dollars: yes
• Free shipping in USA: yes

And best of all…

It allows your gift recipient to play golf wherever they want.

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Turn on images to see this cute kid freak out about missing a putt

Can you spot the reason for this young golfer’s tantrum? (via YouTube user: seerajene)

Thanks to Mike P., Jay B., John O., and everyone else who shared a comment on last week’s tip called, “Don’t You Love it When…” (the little things golf resorts do right).

Today, I thought we’d have some fun and rant a little about the opposite: what really grinds our gears (hint at right).

Here are some of my biggest pet peeves (and I’d love to hear yours in the comments section below).

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