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Regular readers of Golf Vacation Insider know I often send reminders of critical dates and deadlines.

Well, one of these critical deadlines is not a deadline anymore. Even still, if you’re thinking about playing the Old Course at St. Andrews next year, you’d better act before September 15, 2014.

Miss this opportunity, and you’ll likely have to pay about $1,000 for an advanced, Old Course tee time you could have obtained for about $250.

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Carmel Valley Ranch's amenities include a Pete Dye-designed golf course and a terrific tennis facility. (Carmel Valley Ranch)

Carmel Valley Ranch’s amenities include a Pete Dye-designed golf course and a terrific tennis facility. (Carmel Valley Ranch)

A lot of our tips tend to revolve around encouraging you to go on vacation that are more or less all golf, all the time.

This is not one of those tips.

I know how many of you feel: golf should be a huge part of any vacation. But should it be the only leisure activity

No way!

One favorite non-golf activity among golfers is tennis. With its slightly more intense brand of exercise and similar embrace of pairs or foursomes, tennis is a natural companion activity to any golf vacation.

Keeping in mind that tennis fans are fixated on the U.S. Open from New York, here are ten resorts where you can have fun both on the course and on the court:

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Arcadia Bluffs, with its spectacular views of Lake Michigan, is a tremendous place to play and stay. (Arcadia Bluffs)

It’s like waking up, walking to your kitchen, and finding breakfast on the table waiting for you.

The opportunity to walk down a flight of stairs and find oneself on the first tee of a nice golf course is a rare treat.

See, most resorts have their accommodations near the course. But there’s just something a little bit sweeter about the opportunity to stay “on” the course. Here are six places where you can do just that:

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Colorado's The Broadmoor is one of America's great old-line golf resorts.

Colorado’s The Broadmoor is one of America’s great old-line golf resorts.

If you drink bourbon, you probably know there’s Pappy Van Winkle, then there’s everything else. Pappy is Pappy because it is aged, and the aging process makes the product better than just about anything else out there.

Consider these seven, then, the Pappy Van Winkle of resorts.

Still somewhat on the more formal side, they have housed, nurtured and refreshed thousands of discerning travelers for decades. Their classic décor, gorgeous settings, fine dining, impeccable service and storied histories are part of the experience.

To visit is to take your own place in the history of one of America’s great resorts.

Here are seven such resorts, each worthy of the title “Grande Dame”:

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What the gorgeous Green Glory book looks likeThis is one of those real “finds” I love tipping you off about.

The timing is perfect given what’s happening this week.

An awesome golf book about The PGA Championship and golf’s other major tournaments was recently published…but very few people know about it.

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There are plenty of PGA Championship courses you can play on golf vacations, including North Carolina’s Tanglewood Park Championship Course, above.

Do you think Tiger Woods will get his major championship mojo back this week? You probably recall his thrilling duel with journeyman Bob May back in 2000. Dustin Johnson was looking like one of the favorites at Valhalla until his latest suspension for testing positive for cocaine put a halt to all that.

With all this golf news swirling as the season’s final major approaches, I have been wondering how many past and future PGA Championship courses are available for public play, much like I’ve advised with respect to U.S Open and British Open courses.

Guess what? There are more of these courses than you might think…and you probably live or will soon travel near one of them.

Check out the list here:

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Guests of the Wequassett Inn get to enjoy gorgeous views and luxe accommodations, in addition to guest access at Cape Cod National Golf Club.

Guests of the Wequassett Inn get to enjoy gorgeous views and luxe accommodations, in addition to guest access at Cape Cod National Golf Club.

Stop me if I start sounding like a snob, but…

In general, I prefer private golf clubs to public courses.

Don’t get me wrong—there are plenty of worthwhile public courses of all types, from the diamond-in-the-rough municipal track to the high-end daily fee course.

But in almost all cases, if I can get on a private club, I’m going to do my best.

One of the tried-and-true ways I can recommend is to stay in hotels that have agreements with private clubs. You get an awesome vacation experience and get treated like a member when you want to tee it up. Private clubs are less crowded, in better shape and just more peaceful than even the nicer public courses out there.

Here are five of the best private clubs I can recommend, and the corresponding hotels that will give you access:

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Turn on images and you'll see all the places you can use this clever golf net
If you like the idea of hitting golf balls whenever you feel like it, but you don’t think you have the space (or budget) for a quality, full-swing home practice net that automatically returns the ball to you, get ready to be blown away.
That’s because I found it: a near perfect golf net that literally pops up anywhere — yes, even in apartments — and incredibly (and easily) folds back down to the size of a Hula Hoop.

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